Andrea Lindell, DNSc, RN

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Andrea R. Lindell, PhD, RN
Dean, School of Nursing, Vice-Provost, College of Health Sciences, Walden University

Director since May 2008
Age: 76

Ms. Lindell’s experience, qualifications, attributes and skills include having served as Dean and a Professor of the College of Nursing at the University of Cincinnati. She retired from these positions in January 2011 having held them since December 1990. She is currently Professor Emeritus at the college. Since January 2016 she has served as Dean, having held the title of Associate Dean from January 2013 to January 2016, previously holding the title of Interim Associate Dean from August 2011, at the School of Nursing, Walden University. She is also Vice-Provost of Walden’s College of Health Sciences. Walden offers online degrees as follows: BSN, MSN, DNP. Ms. Lindell was also Associate Senior Vice President of the Medical Center at the University of Cincinnati from July 1998 until January 2011. The College of Nursing’s programs include over 1,500 students, and offer the following degrees: BSN, MSN, Post MSN, and PhD. From September 1994 to June 2002, she also held an additional position as Founder and Interim Dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. She was a director of Omnicare until May 2014.

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