Walter Krebs

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Walter L. Krebs
Former Senior Vice President - Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Service America Systems, Inc. (retired)

Director from May 1989 to April 1991, May 1995 to May 2003, and since May 2005
Age: 85

Mr. Krebs’ experience, qualifications, attributes and skills include having served as Senior Vice President-Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Service America Systems, Inc. (home and service warranties), a then-wholly owned subsidiary of the Company (“Service America”). We sold Service America in 2005. He retired from this position in July 1999, having held the position since October 1997. Previously, he was a Director-Financial Services of DiverseyLever, Inc. (formerly known as Diversey Corporation), Detroit, Michigan (specialty chemicals) (“Diversey”), from April 1991 to April 1996. Previously, from January 1990 to April 1991, he was Senior Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer of the Company’s then-wholly owned subsidiary, DuBois Chemicals, Inc. (specialty chemicals) (“DuBois”). We sold DuBois in 1991.

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